Quotes & Testimonials

Dr. Barry Blank - age 63

"Since my profession is a stressful one, I have experienced less back strain as well as neck pain since I have began OneMoreRep. The flexible hours help me schedule around my busy schedule. I have noticed that my strength has definitely increased which has helped me with my golf game. I am driving the ball father with less effort as well as controlling my shots. I have recently shot a 78 at a difficult course and I feel that my strength training has led me to achieve this goal. I am looking forward to increasing my strength to help me achieve further goals in my newly found sport of golf. I would highly recommend OneMoreRep to any person who would like to achieve improvement in a way they feel as well as the mental feeling of feeling younger."

Linda E. - age 46

"I attend OneMoreRep Fitness to strengthen my core muscles. I also want to increase my metabolism. During the month of February, I had not been able to get in for any workouts. It was then, that I noticed how my knees were aching. OneMoreRep Fitness has strengthened my overall body muscles (particularly to my legs) to help with my knee pain due to arthritis. Many thanks to Adam!!"

Shely M. - age 50

"I am more aware of my health, fitness level, what I eat, and am enjoying immensely the change in clothing sizes."

Bea & Steve G.

"A workout with OneMoreRep is unlike any workout you've ever done and, at the end of the 30 minutes, you know you've accomplished something rewarding..."